Girl Talk – The Strength of a Woman

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This life is short…but it is too long to dislike every inch of our bodies. As women, we strive for more…to be everything to everyone. Be the best at work, the beauty at home, the best ear for friends’ calamities, and the knower of all things…and if you are a mom, forget it! This list goes on for days. When the dust settles and the noise quiets, what is left? Do you have an ounce of existence left for yourself? Often the little sanity that is left in our day is spent on self improvement strategies to be more, do more, and look better. Maybe if I start to make lists, or use that calendar in my iPhone, I will find 3 extra minutes in my day to tone those pesky inner thighs…and then I can fit into that dress I wore freshman year of college…I won’t look ridiculous…

Maybe a little farfetched, maybe not. The point I want to get across is that we as beings are never satisfied. In some ways that is a good thing, we can always be more, and why settle!? I get it, but are we happy? I certainly do not think that I can conquer the daily dilemma of being more and doing more, but I want to touch on the constant self improvement strategies that we all face. First of all…we will never measure up to perfection. Think about it. Let it swirl around for a moment. We undoubtedly compare ourselves to…perfect…so of course we do nothing less than fall short. We are human, and where is the beauty in that? I will tell you, there is a surplus of beauty to be found.

It is the smile of a woman that can radiate through the ground we stand upon and touch all others. It is the womb of a woman that nourishes life to an unborn child. It is the woman that can single-handedly hold a family together. It is a woman that can show love like no other. As we strive to eradicate our fat cells… It is those very fat cells that aid in estrogen production so that we may give life to another human being. Maybe it is those fat cells that are remaining from already giving life to another human being. Yet we beat ourselves up!? This makes no sense.

I certainly don’t want to promote excess weight as that is simply unhealthy, I just want our sex to begin to see all that we bring to the table naturally. We should do our best every day, and we do. When it comes to food choices I am sure we can always do a little bit better. Therein lies my philosophy. We do so much on a daily basis for everyone else and then we beat ourselves up at the end of the day for what we haven’t given to ourselves. I know that it is difficult when we are in the throes of chaos to consider our immortality but realistically we must. We cannot do everything for everyone when we have not done for ourselves. I am not talking about manicures and pedicures and massages on a weekly basis. We all know that this is precisely the definition of “unrealistic.” What we can do, is make the best choices for ourselves on a constant, regular, and consistent basis.

This means, make our food choices wisely. We have become masters of thinking before we speak, but let’s learn to think before we eat. Choose vegetables instead of dough and cheese. Choose light instead of heavy options that will only weigh us down. Choose rich, decadent creations only after we have made the best choices that will bring life to our beings…and let that decadence resonate through our bones. Enjoy the simple pleasures with every breath in your body and if it’s not worth it- simply pass it up. Life is not about diets and fitting into “those” jeans, it is about living each day enough to remember why you are here. We want to stay on this earth with a good quality of life for as long as possible. That is why we must redirect our attention from complaining about what we don’t have, to preserving what we do. This includes weekly exercise. Unless you are already a gym minded person, you won’t like to hear this…but again, just do the best you can on a daily basis. If you have a 1 hour lunch break, walk for 15-30 minutes outside. Find 10 minutes, 2-3 times a day, to get your heart pumping. Jumping jacks, marching in place, brisk walking, and dancing to some upbeat tunage are all ways to add some exercise to your day in short bursts.

If I haven’t lost you after reading the exercise recommendation, than you are most likely comprehending the underlying message of this article: Do a little everyday to avoid becoming overwhelmed, and if you are already overwhelmed, start doing a little every day! Be patient, be kind and love yourself, and never forget to take pride in the strength of a woman – starting with each imperfection. Woman Symbol

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  1. Lynn Arico
    February 23, 2014 at 5:19 pm (4 years ago)

    Thanks for the inspiration, Bryee!


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