Holiday Health Survival Guide: Tips #4 through #6


Did you know that much of adult weight gain can be attributed to the holidays? It is concerning because this weight is harder to lose than we think. We all know (or have been) that motivated New Year’s Resolutioner who kicks of the year ready to burn some serious cals….but we also know how that story usually ends. Research suggests that much of holiday weight gain will not be lost. Ever. Most begin by losing a portion of the weight, while the remainder gets cozy on the hips- for a lifetime. So the goal, and reality, is simply not to gain during the holiday season. There is loads of scientific research regarding this thought, but again, just be logical. If we each gain only 2 pounds per year, over the course of 10 years, that is 20 pounds! And all vanity aside, carrying around an additional 20 pounds increases our risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a slew of other unexciting conditions.

So here are a few more tips to add to this year’s Holiday Health Survival Guide:

4. Keep on, keepin’ on. Keep up that exercise routine. And if you don’t have one- get moving. Don’t be dramatic, I’m not asking you to start training for a marathon- just move a little more. If you live in Florida like me, this is an amazing time of year. The weather cannot be more perfect for getting outside after dinner and taking a stroll around the block. If you live up north and aren’t already member of a local gym, invest in a few exercise videos to get you through the season. Just do a little more than you usually do. And if you already exercise regularly, keep it up. Now is really not the time for slacking. In fact, it the opposite of the time for slacking. Exercise is an amazing way to not only promote bone strength and a healthy heart, but also to keep that metabolism cranked as we are shoveling in all of that thanksgiving goodness.

5. Come prepared. Always. Have. A. Snack. On. Hand. Keep nuts in your car, fruit in your purse, veggie sticks in the fridge at work. Never put yourself in a position to be famished. The last thing you want is to be acting like a human vacuum when your favorite clients drop off some Santa cookies. Eat a healthy snack before you go to any holiday affair. Some examples may be, two clementines, bell pepper sticks with some hummus, or a handful of mixed nuts. This will quench that ferocious dragon appetite and allow you to act like a lady around the crudités platter (sorry guys)! The idea is not to fill up, it is simply to take the edge off. I always have a snack on my way home from work so I don’t turn Tomb Raider on the pantry when I get home.

6. Turn Super Snob. No not on your old friends…on the food that you choose. You are about to be bombarded with the most delightful sweets and treats, and there is no way that you can have everything. So don’t just eat to eat, or eat because these bites of heaven are only here once a year. Statistics show that you will likely be around for many years to come- so you don’t have to get it all in this year. Be critical. Think about what you really want. That apple pie that Aunt Ursula makes every year- do you really like it that much? Or do you just eat it because she makes this pie every year? The bottom crust is always a little soggy, the apples kind of remind you of rubber, and it really isn’t all that fab. This is the perfect sweet to skip. Now is the time to truly tempt your senses. Only the most deserving, most delightful, most utterly rich and amazing food may pass your lips. And trust me you will be satisfied. Snobbishness is condoned…so turn up that super snooty foodie and choose wisely. I promise, what you do choose will taste even better this way.

More tips to come from the Holiday Health Survival Guide! I am working on compiling a reader Q & A- send your nutrition question to and don’t forget to subscribe to the email list!


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