This site is a forum for growth, encouragement, health-centered inspiration, airing of grievances, and discussions of life’s daily struggles. Of course, the emphasis here will always be on nutrition…but not the obsessive, emphatic, right way/wrong way thought process- let’s focus on being the best “us” we can be…most of the time ;-).

We have become masters of thinking before we speak, but let’s learn to think before we eat. Choose vegetables instead of dough and cheese. Choose light instead of heavy options that- will only weigh us down. Choose rich, decadent creations only after we have made the best choices that will bring life to our beings…and let that decadence resonate through our bones. Enjoy the simple pleasures with every breath in your body and if it’s not worth it- simply pass it up. Life is not about diets and fitting into “those” jeans, it is about living each day enough to remember why you are here. We want to stay on this earth with a good quality of life for as long as possible. That is why we must redirect our attention from complaining about what we don’t have, to preserving what we do. Join me for the ride!

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